Broadway Line

Broadway Line refers to the following transit lines:

In Brooklyn
In Manhattan
  • BMT Broadway Line (rapid transit); served by the N Q R trains
  • IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line (rapid transit); served by the 1 2 3 trains
  • Broadway Line (Lower Manhattan surface), Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue Line, Broadway and Columbus Avenue Line, and Broadway and Lexington Avenue Line (bus, formerly streetcar) on Broadway below Times Square
  • Broadway and University Place Line, an older streetcar line using Broadway between Union Square and Times Square
  • Broadway Line (Midtown Manhattan surface) (bus, formerly streetcar) on Broadway from 42nd Street to 125th Street
  • Broadway-Kingsbridge Line (bus, formerly streetcar) on Broadway from near 169th Street to the Bronx
  • Broadway and 145th Street Line (bus, formerly streetcar) on Broadway from near 169th Street to the city line
  • Broadway Line (Queens surface) (bus, formerly streetcar)
  • Broadway Bus (Bayonne), New Jersey
  • Broadway Line (Baltimore) (bus, formerly streetcar)

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Canal Street (New York City Subway) - BMT Broadway Line Platforms - Bridge Line Platforms (lower Level)
... Canal Street on the BMT Broadway – Manhattan Bridge Line has two tracks and two side platforms ... When it originally opened, this station was known as Broadway ... Although technically located on the BMT Broadway Line, it was originally a distinct station from the main line ...
Broadway Line (Lower Manhattan Surface) - Route Description
... The Broadway line begins at Columbus Circle ... It follows Seventh to Times Square, and bears left on Broadway ... It follows Broadway to Madison Square, and bears left onto Fifth Avenue ...
BMT Broadway Line
... The BMT Broadway Line is a rapid transit line of the B Division of the New York City Subway in Manhattan, New York City, United States ... The line is often referred to as the "N and R", since those were the only services on the line during the long years that the Manhattan Bridge south tracks were closed for rebuilding ... The Broadway Line was built to give the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company (later the Brooklyn–Manhattan Transit Corporation) access to Midtown Manhattan ...
Canal Street (New York City Subway) - BMT Broadway Line Platforms
... York City Subway rapid transit station Brooklyn-bound train of R68 cars arriving at the Bridge Line platform Station statistics Division B (BMT) Line BMT ...
Brodaway - Public Transit
... From south to north, Broadway at one point or another runs over or under the IRT Lexington Avenue Line, the BMT Broadway Line, the IRT Broadway ... The BMT Broadway Line runs under it from City Hall to Times Square – 42nd Street (N Q R trains) ... The IRT Broadway – Seventh Avenue Line runs under and over Broadway from Times Square to 168th Street (1 3 ... trains), and from 218th Street to its terminal in the Bronx at Van Cortlandt Park – 242nd ...

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