British Subject

In British nationality law and the nationality laws of other Commonwealth jurisdictions, the term British subject has at different times had different meanings. The current definition of the term British subject under British nationality law is contained in the British Nationality Act 1981.

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Drood - Synopsis - Tams-Witmark Version
... 'Ceylon' was dropped and 'A British Subject' was put in its place while 'England Reigns' became the new Act Two opening ... 'A British Subject' and 'England Reigns' had been in the show during the first staged reading in 1985 ('England Reigns' was known then as 'There'll be England Again' and served to open the show) ... of the show, "Settling up the Score" was reinstated, and "Ceylon" and "A British Subject" where combined into one song ...
History Of Canadian Nationality Law - Canadian Citizenship Act, 1946 - Creation of Canadian Citizenship, January 1947
... Canadian citizenship, as a status separate from British nationality, was created by the Canadian Citizenship Act, 1946, which came into effect on 1 January 1947 ... was generally conferred immediately on the following persons a British subject who was born in Canada (and had not become an alien before 1947) a person other ... five years' residence in Canada as a landed immigrant) before 1947 a British subject who lived in Canada for 20 years immediately before 1947 and was not ...
British Subject - Other Terms
... Although the term "British subject" now has a very restrictive statutory definition in the United Kingdom, and it would therefore be incorrect to describe a ... continue to be used in British legal discourse ... The term "United Kingdom national" (sometimes referred to as "British national"), is used differently in various statutes, but most commonly means British Citizens, British Overseas Territories Citizens ...
Toulmin Method
... Created by the British philosopher Stephen Toulmin, it involves the data, claim, and warrant of an argument ... For an example "Harry was born in Bermuda, so Harry must be a British subject." In the above sentence, the phrase "Harry was born in Bermuda" is the data ... The claim in the sentence above is "Harry must be a British subject." The warrant is not explicitly stated in this sentence it is implied ...
British Subjects - After 1983
... On 1 January 1983, upon the coming into force of the British Nationality Act 1981, every Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies became either a British Citizen, British Dependent Territories Citizen or ... The use of the term "British subject" was discontinued for all persons who fell into these categories, or who had a national citizenship of any other part of the Commonwealth ... The category of "British subjects" now includes only those people formerly known as "British subjects without citizenship" and people born in Ireland before 1949 ...

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