British Infantry

British Infantry

The British Army's Infantry, part of the Structure of the British Army, comprises 51 battalions of Infantry, from 19 Regiments. Of these 37 battalions are part of the 'Regular' army and the remaining 14 a part of the 'Territorial' (reserve) force. The British Infantry forms a highly flexible organisation, taking on a variety of roles including armoured, mechanised, air assault and light.

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Battle Of Romani - Battle On 5 August
... Within 24 hours, British commanders were able to concentrate a force of 50,000 men in the Romani area, a three to one advantage ... This force included the two infantry divisions – the 52nd and the newly arrived 42nd – four mounted brigades, two of which had been on active duty since 20 ... of the 5th Mounted Yeomanry Brigade passed from the Anzac Mounted Division to the infantry division the 42nd Division, it being suggested that orders required the ...
Battle Of The Tugela Heights - Battle On The North Bank
... Therefore, the British were forced to find a way to overcome the main Boer positions ... British infantry occupied Colenso on 19 February and the railhead was advanced to Colenso Station ... On 25 February, a six-hour armistice was arranged to recover the British wounded on the upper slopes of Wynne's and Hart's Hills ...
British Infantry - Divisions and Brigades
... The British Army is administered through HQ Land Command, which has responsibility for the majority of army units. 160 (Welsh) Brigade Catterick Garrison Brunei Garrison Colchester Garrison London District British Gurkhas Nepal Battalions are attached permanently (semi-permanently for light role ...
Battle Of Passchendaele - Battles of The Third Ypres Campaign - Second Phase, Plumer Takes Over: 25 August – 10 November - German Defensive Changes
... Instead of being one to two miles distant, as on 31 July, on 20 September the British objectives were approximately 1,500 yards (1,400 m) away, without the disadvantage of rain soaked ground and ... Having crossed two miles of mud, the Eingreif divisions found the British already established along a new defence line, with the forward battlezone and ... was changed, beginning an increasingly desperate search for expedients, to counter the inexorable British advance ...
British Army During The Napoleonic Wars - Infantry - Tactics
... In the aftermath of the American War of Independence, during which the British infantry had fought in looser formations than previously, rigid close-order linear formations had been ... His 1792 manual became the standard drill book for the infantry ... As the wars progressed line infantry tactics were developed to allow more flexibility for command and control, placing more reliance upon the officers on the ...

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