British Aerospace 146

The British Aerospace 146 (also BAe 146) is a regional airliner that was manufactured in the United Kingdom by British Aerospace, later part of BAE Systems. Production ran from 1983 until 2002. Manufacture of an improved version known as the Avro RJ began in 1992. A further-improved version with new engines, the Avro RJX, was announced in 1997, but only two prototypes and one production aircraft were built before production ceased in 2001. With 387 aircraft produced, the Avro RJ/BAe 146 is the most successful British civil jet programme.

The BAe 146/Avro RJ is a high-wing cantilever monoplane with a T-tail. It has four turbofan engines mounted on pylons underneath the wings, and has retractable tricycle landing gear. The aircraft has very quiet operation, and has been marketed under the name Whisperjet. It sees wide usage at small city-based airports. In its primary role it serves as a regional jet, short-haul airliner or regional airliner. The BAe 146/Avro RJ is in wide use among European airlines, such as Brussels Airlines, CityJet, Swiss International Air Lines and Lufthansa.

The BAe 146 comes in -100, -200 and -300 models. The equivalent Avro RJ versions are designated RJ70, RJ85, and RJ100. The freight-carrying version carries the designation "QT" (Quiet Trader), a convertible passenger-or-freight model is designated as "QC" (Quick Change). A "gravel kit" can be fitted to aircraft to enable operations from rough, unprepared airstrips.

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British Aerospace 146 - Specifications (BAe 146-200)
... General characteristics Crew 2 pilots Capacity 82–112 passengers Length 93 ft 10 in (28.60 m) Wingspan 86 ft 0 in (26.21 m) Height 28 ft 2 in (8.59 m) Wing area 832.0 ft² (77.30 m²) Empty weight 52,684 lb (23,897 kg) Max ... takeoff weight 93,000 lb (42,184 kg) Powerplant 4 × Textron Lycoming ALF 502R-5 turbofans, 6,970 lbf (31.0 kN) each Performance Cruise speed 498 mph (432 knots, 801 km/h) at 29,000 ft (8,840 m) (high speed cruise) Range 1,808 mi (1,570 nmi, 2,909 km) (Standard fuel) ...

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