Boussinesq Approximation

Boussinesq approximation may refer to several modelling concepts – as introduced by Joseph Valentin Boussinesq (1842–1929), a French mathematician and physicist known for advances in fluid dynamics:

  • Boussinesq approximation (buoyancy) for buoyancy-driven flows for small density differences in the fluid
  • Boussinesq approximation (water waves) for long waves propagating on the surface of a fluid layer under the action of gravity
  • Turbulence modeling and eddy viscosity: in modelling the turbulence Reynolds stresses, the Boussinesq approximation results in the use of an eddy viscosity concept

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... The essential idea in the Boussinesq approximation is the elimination of the vertical coordinate from the flow equations, while retaining some of the influences of the vertical structure of the flow under ... Often, as in Boussinesq's case, the interest is primarily in the wave propagation ... of the vertical coordinate was first done by Joseph Boussinesq in 1871, to construct an approximate solution for the solitary wave (or wave of translation) ...