Boumediene is an Arab surname. It can refer to:

  • Sidi Abu Madyan - also known as Sidi Bou Medine or Sidi Boumediene
  • Houari Boumediène - the President of Algeria from 1976 to 1978
    • Houari Boumediene Airport - an airport serving Algiers, the capital of Algeria
  • Lakhdar Boumediene - a Bosnian prisoner held in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp
    • Boumediene v. Bush - a 2008 United States Supreme Court decision involving a habeas motion by Lakhdar Boumediene
  • Josef Boumedienne is a Swedish professional hockey player

Other articles related to "boumediene":

Ahmed Taleb Ibrahimi - Minister Under Boumediene
... In 1965 President Boumediene offered Ahmed the position of Minister of Education ... In 1970, Boumediene reshuffled his cabinet, and appointed Ahmed Minister of Information and Culture until April 1977 ...
Lakhdar Boumediene
... Lakhdar Boumediene, (Arabic لخضر بومدين‎) a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was held in military custody in the United States ... Boumediene was the lead plaintiff in Boumediene v ...
Lakhdar Boumediene - Background
... Who will give me these years back? ” —Lakhdar Boumediene Born in Algeria and living there, Boumediene worked for the Red Crescent Society of the United Arab Emirates ... also had an office in Sarajevo and, at the request of his employer, Boumediene moved with his family to Bosnia, where he served as director of ... and five acquaintances of his, including Boumediene ...
Houari Boumediene Airport
... Houari Boumediene Airport (Arabic مطار هواري بومدين الدولي‎, French Aéroport d'Alger Houari Boumediene) (IATA ALG, ICAO DAAG), also known as Algiers Airport, is an ... The airport is named after Houari Boumediene, a former president of Algeria ... It was established on 1 November 2006 to manage and operate the Airport Algiers Houari Boumediene ...