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Comparison Of Pascal And Delphi
... Devised by Niklaus Wirth in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Pascal is a programming language ... Originally produced by Borland Software Corporation, Embarcadero Delphi is composed of an IDE, set of standard libraries, and a Pascal-based language commonly called either Object Pascal, Delphi Pascal, or ... it has become the most popular commercial Pascal implementation ...
Turbo Pascal - Windows Versions
... Two versions named "Turbo Pascal for Windows" (TPW), for Windows 3.x, were released TPW 1.0, based on Turbo Pascal 6 but released about 2 years later, and 1.5, released ... The Windows compiler in Pascal 7 was titled Borland Pascal for Windows' ... IDE, as opposed to the DOS-based IDE in Turbo Pascal ...
List Of File Formats (alphabetical) - T
... tar T TADS source T Tester symbol table ReaGeniX code generator T?H Turbo Help file (Pascal, C, Assembler...) Borland Thelp T$M AVG scan log files AVG T2B Bookeen Cybook thumbnail Cybook t2flow ... PCL Soft font file HiJaak TPF Print data in EMF format ThinPrint TPH Help file Turbo Pascal TPL Resident units library Turbo Pascal TPL Template file GoldEd -ITrack TPL ...
Turbo Pascal
... Turbo Pascal is a software development system that includes a compiler and an integrated development environment (IDE) for the Pascal programming language running on CP/M, CP/M-86, and DOS ... From version 6 both a lower-priced Turbo Pascal and more expensive Borland Pascal were produced Borland Pascal had more libraries and standard library source ... The name Borland Pascal is also used more generically for Borland's dialect of Pascal ...
List Of File Formats (alphabetical) - P
... Database PROGRESS source code PROGRESS P PASCAL source code file P Parser source code file P Picture file APPLAUSE P Rea-C-Time application parameter file ReaGeniX code generator. 3.x PAR Parity Archive PAR2 Parity Archive v2 PART Part of a download file PAS Pascal language source Borland Pascal PAT Gravis Ultrasound Patch Convert (c) Villena PAT Hatch ... IBM's Linkaway-Live PCK Pickfile Turbo Pascal PCL HP-PCL graphics data file HP Printer Control Language PCM OKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM AWAVE PCM ...

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