Bolo may refer to:

  • Bolo, a wild flower.
  • Bolo bat, a child's toy
  • Bolo knife, a Filipino knife similar to the machete
  • Bolo punch, a wide sweeping lower cut used in boxing
  • Bolo tie, decorative string tie
  • A community or tribe in the 1983 book bolo'bolo by Swiss author P.M.
  • Bolo, used as a derogatory expression for Bolsheviks
  • BOLO, an acronym used by law enforcement, standing for "Be on the lookout", often used as “bolo alert”; an all-points bulletin
  • Bolo snake, an extremely rare snake, found only in Fiji
  • Bolo, a slang term for a Salvadorean drunk

In the military:

  • Douglas B-18 Bolo, a United States Army Air Corps bomber aircraft from the 1930s
  • Bolo Airfield, a World War II airfield on Okinawa
  • Operation Bolo, a United States military operation during the Vietnam War
  • Bolo Shell, a type of specialty shotgun shell
  • Bolo, a variant of the Mauser C96 semi-automatic pistol


  • A bolo is a type of spinning space tether


  • Bolo, Central African Republic
  • Bolo, Ethiopia, a village in Ethiopia
  • Bolo, Tibet, a township in Tibet
  • Bolo Township, Washington County, Illinois
  • Bolo River, Romania
  • O Bolo, Galicia, Spain
  • Ogu/Bolo, a Local Government Area of Nigeria


  • Bolo Yeung, Chinese actor and martial artist
  • Bolo (footballer), a Spanish footballer
  • Bolo (prince), Manchu prince of the Qing Dynasty
  • Bolo, nickname for Roberto Luongo, a National Hockey League goalie
  • Bolo, nickname for Lashmer Whistler, British general of the Second World War

In entertainment:

  • Bolo (tank), a fictional type of artificially intelligent tank in the science fiction of Keith Laumer
  • Bolo (1982 video game), Apple II tank game
  • Bolo (1987 video game), simulation of a tank battle
  • Bolo (Breakout clone), an enhanced clone of the Breakout computer game for the Atari ST


  • Bolo, a cake in Brazilian cuisine

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... Bolo Airfield (also known as Bolo Point Airfield) is a former World War II airfield in Okinawa, at Bolo Point on the East China Sea coast ...
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Carlsen Air Force Base - Major Units Assigned
... August 1943 10th Bombardment Squadron, 1 November 1942-1 October 1943, (B-18 Bolo) 35th Bombardment Squadron, 7 February-24 March 1944, (B-25 Mitchell) 59th Bombardment Squadron, 12 July-October 1943, (B-1 ...
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