Bohr may refer to:


  • Niels Bohr (1885–1962), Danish atomic physicist, Nobel Prize in physics 1922
  • Aage Bohr (1922–2009), Danish nuclear physicist, Nobel Prize in physics 1975, son of Niels Bohr
  • Christian Bohr (1855–1911), Danish physician and physiologist, father of Harald and of Niels Bohr
  • Harald Bohr (1887–1951), Danish mathematician, brother of Niels Bohr

Other uses:

  • 3948 Bohr, asteroid named after Niels Bohr
  • Bohr bug, an unusual software bug
  • Bohr (crater), a lunar crater
  • Bohr, Bushehr, a village in Bushehr Province, Iran
  • Bohr-e Bagh, a village in Bushehr Province, Iran
  • Bohr-e Hajj Nowshad, a village in Bushehr Province, Iran
  • Vallis Bohr, a lunar valley
  • Bohr compactification, mathematical concept due to Harald Bohr
  • Bohr effect, property of hemoglobin discovered by Christian Bohr
  • Bohr–Einstein debates, a series of epistemological debates between Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein
  • Bohr magneton, unit of magnetic moment proposed by Niels Bohr
  • Bohr model, atomic theory due to Niels Bohr
  • Bohr–Mollerup theorem, named after Harald Bohr and Johannes Mollerup
  • Bohr radius, radius of atomic orbit in Bohr model
  • Bohrium, chemical element number 107 named after Niels Bohr
  • Niels Bohr Institute, of the University of Copenhagen

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Stefan Rozental - Literature
... Niels Bohr His Life and Work As Seen by His Friends and Colleagues, John Wiley Sons, 1964 ... Stefan Rozental, Schicksalsjahre mit Niels Bohr, DVA, 1991 ... (This is a German translation of Rozental's Danish account NB - erindringer om Niels Bohr of his years with Niels Bohr, published 1985 in Kopenhagen ...
Bohr–van Leeuwen Theorem - History
... What is today known as the Bohr–van Leeuwen theorem was discovered by Niels Bohr in 1911 in his doctoral dissertation and was later rediscovered by Hendrika Johanna van Leeuwen in her doctoral ... In 1932, van Vleck formalized and expanded upon Bohr's initial theorem in a book he wrote on electric and magnetic susceptibilities ... "perhaps the most deflationary publication of all time," may have contributed to Bohr's development of a quasi-classical theory of the hydrogen atom in 1913 ...
Bohr Compactification
... In mathematics, the Bohr compactification of a topological group G is a compact Hausdorff topological group H that may be canonically associated to G ... The concept is named after Harald Bohr who pioneered the study of almost periodic functions, on the real line ...
Bohr Equation
... The Bohr equation, named after Danish physician Christian Bohr (1855–1911), describes the amount of physiological dead space in a person's lungs ...

Famous quotes containing the word bohr:

    An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made in a very narrow field.
    —Niels Bohr (1885–1962)