Boarding may refer to:

  • Temporarily residing somewhere, as in a boarding school or boarding house
  • Boarding (attack), the forcible insertion of personnel onto a naval vessel
  • Boarding (ice hockey), a penalty called when an offending player violently pushes or checks an opposing player into the boards of the hockey rink
  • Boarding (horses)
  • Boarding (transport), transferring people onto a vehicle
  • Waterboarding, a form of torture

Other articles related to "boarding":

Staatliches Landschulheim Marquartstein - History
... The concept of mixed classes and a boarding school for girls and boys at the same location was only undertaken by a few schools in Germany, such as Landschulheim Herrlingen ... The school's system of mixed boarding school with co-educational classes was left unchanged during the time of Nazi Germany ... The boarding school for girls was closed by a ministerial decree in 1949 ...
St Paul's College, Walla Walla - Programmes - Boarding
... Boarding is an important component of St Paul’s from the time when the College was first established to the present time when approximately 30% of ... At various times the boarding population has comprised over 80% of the enrolments with up to 160 full and weekly boarding students ... Presently, boarding students are drawn from communities within the Greater Hume Shire, the Riverina, North Eastern Victoria and further afield from the cities of Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne ...
Live At The Boarding House
... Live at the Boarding House is an album recorded by the 1973-1974 bluegrass supergroup, Old and in the Way ... It is a complete recording of a concert held October 08, 1973, at the Boarding House in San Francisco, CA ...
Salotgi As A Centre of Learning in The 11th Century
... was made for meeting the lighting charges of the boarding houses ... The students were offered free boarding, an endowment of 500 Nivartanas having been received for that purpose ... It would appear that at least 200 students were offered free boarding, lodging and education at this institution." ...