Blue Eyes White

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Seto Kaiba - Deck
... Kaiba's signature cards are his three Blue-Eyes White Dragons and the fusion monster formed from the three dragons, the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon ... Summoning a Blue-Eyes for a final assault is Kaiba's trademark victory move ... utilizes a wide variety of support cards to power up the Blue-Eyes and make it easier to summon ...
List Of Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards - Notable Individual Cards - Blue-Eyes White Dragon
... During the Memory World arc, the Blue Eyes White Dragon is revealed to be the Ka of a girl named Kisara ... versus just a playing card, the power of the Blue Eyes was shown to surpass even that of the Egyptian gods, as it was the first monster to successfully injure ... In the anime, there were only four copies of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards ...
List Of Yu-Gi-Oh! Characters - Millenium World - Kisara
... Kisara (キサラ?) is the keeper of the Blue Eyes White Dragon in the Egyptian Memory arc ... across Kisara being stoned because of her pale white skin, deep blue eyes and snow white hair ... Akhenaden explains that Kisara's spirit is unique, and that the white dragon - her Ka - has fused with her Ba, or her mind/heart ...

Famous quotes containing the words white, blue and/or eyes:

    ‘Tis said as Cupid danced among,
    The God he down the nectar flung,
    Which on the white rose being shed,
    Made it forever after red.
    Arthur Wimperis (1874–1953)

    Trees appeared in groups and singly, revolving coolly and blandly, displaying the latest fashions. The blue dampness of a ravine. A memory of love, disguised as a meadow. Wispy clouds—the greyhounds of heaven.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    When I am on a stage, I am the focus of thousands of eyes and it gives me strength. I feel that something, some energy, is flowing from the audience into me. I actually feel stronger because of these waves. Now when the play’s done, the eyes taken away, I feel just as if a circuit’s been broken. The power is switched off. I feel all gone and empty inside of me—like a balloon that’s been pricked and the air’s let out.
    Lynn Fontanne (1887–1983)