Blood Film

A blood film or peripheral blood smear is a thin layer of blood smeared on a microscope slide and then stained in such a way to allow the various blood cells to be examined microscopically. Blood films are usually examined to investigate hematological problems (disorders of the blood) and, occasionally, to look for parasites within the blood such as malaria and filaria.

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Babesiosis - Diagnosis
... live in or travel to an endemic area or receive a contaminated blood transfusion within the preceding 9 weeks, so this aspect of the medical history is vital ... of parasites on a Giemsa-stained thin blood smear ... So-called "Maltese cross formations" on the blood film are essentially diagnostic of babesiosis, since they are not seen in malaria, the primary differential diagnosis ...
Blood Film - Use in Diagnosing Malaria
... of malaria is microscopic examination of blood films, because each of the four major parasite species has distinguishing characteristics ... Two sorts of blood film are traditionally used ... Thin films are similar to usual blood films and allow species identification, because the parasite's appearance is best preserved in this preparation ...

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