Block Size

Block size can refer to:

  • Block (data storage), the size of a block in data storage and file systems.
  • Block size (cryptography), the minimal unit of data for block ciphers.
  • Block size (mathematics)

Other articles related to "block, size, block size, blocks":

Initialization Vector - Motivation
... A block cipher is one of the most basic primitives in cryptography, and frequently used for data encryption ... itself, it can only be used to encode a data block of a predefined size, called the block size ... a single invocation of the AES algorithm transforms a 128-bit plaintext block into a ciphertext block of 128 bits in size ...
B+ Tree - Implementation
... The leaves (the bottom-most index blocks) of the B+ tree are often linked to one another in a linked list this makes range queries or an (ordered) iteration through the blocks simpler and more efficient (thou ... If a storage system has a block size of B bytes, and the keys to be stored have a size of k, arguably the most efficient B+ tree is one where ... unnecessary, in practice there is often a little extra space taken up by the index blocks (for example, the linked list references in the leaf blocks) ...
Enc FS - Filesystem Options - Block Size
... Each file is encrypted in blocks, and this option controls what size those blocks are ... Each time a single byte is read the entire block it is contained in must be decrypted ... Likewise, for each write the block must be decrypted, altered, and re-encrypted ...
Size Strength Classification
... In geology, size strength classification is a two-parameter rock classification based on the strength of intact rock and the spacing of discontinuities in the rock mass ... The size-strength approach to rock mass characterisation has been found helpful in various mining and civil engineering applications ... The concept of block size is analogous to that of grain size but on macroscopic scale ...

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