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Roosevelt High School (St. Louis, Missouri) - History - Busing and Magnet School Status
... Louis Public Schools undertook a court-ordered busing program that transported black students from the north side of the city to predominantly white south side schools ... At Roosevelt, the school's pom-pon squad greeted four buses of black students, who were accompanied by St ... of the school shifted from 30 percent black to 41 percent black under the plan ...
George Weaver (educator)
... His contributions to the education of black students led to a library being named in his honor in Tuscaloosa ... George Weaver was the principal of a school for black students in Gadsden, Alabama for one year and then attended Howard University ... During this time he made his personal library available for black students to use in their studies ...
A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr. - Personal Life - Undergraduate Education
... He chose Purdue because it admitted black students was cheaper, at that time, than Rutgers University and offered tuition discounts for good academic performance ... At the time, the student body was composed of approximately 6,000 white students, and 12 black students ... Although eligible for admission, black students were not permitted to live in the dormitories ...
History Of Northwestern University - Post-war Transition (1949–1970) - Racial Integration
... Although as many as five black students were admitted every year, they were excluded from on-campus housing until the 1947 establishment of the euphemistically titled "Internationa ... Asbury Hall was purchased in 1949 to likewise house black men, but a group of progressive white students also moved in despite the wishes of Snyder's administration to keep the student housing segregated ... Asbury would become a center for civil rights activism with its students organizing letter-writing campaigns to recruit more African American and Jewish American students to ...
Stephen C. O'Connell - University President
... When O'Connell assumed the presidency of the university in 1967, the student protest movement was peaking nation-wide, and numerous demonstrations, both peaceful and militant, were held on ... many professors were sympathetic to the student protesters and their various social and political goals ... By the 1967 fall term, however, only sixty-one black students were enrolled, and many black students were actually foreign exchange students ...

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    Teaching Black Studies, I find that students are quick to label a black person who has grown up in a predominantly white setting and attended similar schools as “not black enough.” ...Our concept of black experience has been too narrow and constricting.
    bell hooks (b. c. 1955)

    I’m afraid to look in the mirror. I’m afraid I’m going to see an old lady with white hair, just like the old ladies in the park. A little bundle in a black shawl just waiting for the coffin.
    Paddy Chayefsky (1923–1981)