Black Spots

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Catapyrops Ancyra - Description
... Fore and hind wings anticiliary jet-black lines on the hind wing subterminal subequal black spots in interspaces 1 and 2, beyond which there is a terminal white thread that does not extend beyond ... not extended to the apex but in most specimens indicated there by two white spots a complete transverse catenulated discal band composed of two parallel white lines ... of an incomplete transverse row of dark spots ...
Acytolepis Lilacea - Description
... Male upperside shining purplish-black ... and terminal margin decreasingly jet-black cilia black ... apex broadly, termen narrowly, bordered with black a subterminal series of small round black spots that merge anteriorly into the black at apex j cilia black, tipped with ...
Checkered Puffer - Potentially Misidentified Species
... The northern puffer is olive-gray with many black spots and 6–7 vertical gray areas on the side (Robins Ray 1986) ... It has a black bar between the eyes and prickles on the skin of the tail ... maculatus, but lacks the black spots on the sides and dorsal surface ...
Bothriopsis Bilineata - Description
... of a pale green ground colour overlaid dorsally with either a peppering of black spots, or a series of tan or reddish brown spots that are usually paired ... is either green with a scattering of small black spots, or green with isolated tan or reddish brown spots that are bordered in black ... iris is pale green, while the labials are yellow green, often with black spots ...
Lycaenopsis Marginata - Description
... Male upperside black ... tornus outwardly this area is pure white, the discocellulars marked with a slender black tooth ... similar but more sharply triangular and somewhat dusky blue area limited by the broad black border on the costal margin that occupies fully the anterior third of the wing ...

Famous quotes containing the words spots and/or black:

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    Arthur Miller (b. 1915)

    A boy not beautiful, nor good, nor clever,
    A black cloud full of storms too hot for keeping,
    A sword beneath his mother’s heart— yet never
    Woman bewept her babe as this is weeping.
    John Crowe Ransom (1888–1974)