Black Manta

Black Manta is a supervillain appearing in DC Comics, primarily as the archenemy of Aquaman. The character debuted in Aquaman #35 (September 1967).

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List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Heroes - Aquaman Family - Aquaman
... the Sea!", where his older brother Orm hires assassin Black Manta to kill him ... After Manta fails, Orm becomes the Ocean Master, and attacks his brother ... Batman rescues Aquaman and they work together to defeat Black Manta ...
Black Manta - In Other Media - Spoofs and Parodies
... A parody of Black Manta, called Black Eel, appeared in the Duck Dodgers episode "Till Doom Do Us Part" voiced by Jim Cummings ... The Monarch is said to have been partially based on the Manta ... The Manta was also mentioned in the episode "Fallen Arches" where Jefferson Twilight talks with Doctor Byron Orpheus about what it is that Aquaman actually does, wherein ...
List Of Super Friends Episodes - Challenge of The Super Friends Episodes - Season 3: 1978
... quantities of steam making the temperature higher, Black Manta sets fire to an island and when Aquaman uses a great tidal wive to put out the flames ... and when Hawkman, Wonder Woman and Black Vulcan are in space trying to find the earth, Toyman sends a phony distress message that leads them to his sinister planet of toy traps while The Riddler ... Black Manta and Giganta trap Aquaman and Apache Chief in 70,000,000 B.C and rob the diamond mines of South Africa, Sinestro and Captain Cold trap ...
List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Heroes - B'wana Beast
... He helps Batman in his fight with Black Manta ... used his powers to merge a policeman's horse and a spider to form a creature to catch up with Black Manta and later merged a pelican and a shark to form a creature to stop Black ...
List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Villains - Black Manta
... Voice Actor Kevin Michael Richardson Black Manta is a criminal from the surface world who was hired by Orm to kill Aquaman ... in capturing Aquaman and becomes "Ocean Master", Black Manta betrays and imprisons him ... Black Manta teams up with Owlman and the other villains assembled by Owlman in "Game Over for Owlman" ...

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