Bering may refer to:

  • Bering Glacier, a glacier in the U.S. state of Alaska
  • Bering Island, located off the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Bering Sea
  • Bering land bridge, a former land bridge that joined present-day Alaska and eastern Siberia during the Pleistocene ice ages
  • Bering Sea, a body of water in the North Pacific Ocean
  • Bering Strait, a sea strait between Russia and Alaska
  • Bering Truck, a former United States manufacturer and distributor of trucks
  • Vitus Bering (1681–1741), a Danish-born navigator in the service of the Russian Navy

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Arctic Exploration - Age of Discovery - The Northeast Passage
... The Northern Sea Route (capitalized) is a shipping lane from the Barent Sea to the Bering Strait along the Russian northern coast as currently officially defined by Russian ... Dezhnev, in 1728, another Russian explorer, Danish-born Vitus Bering on Sviatoy Gavriil made a similar voyage in reverse, starting in Kamchatka and going north ... It was Bering who gave their current names to Diomede Islands, discovered and first described by Dezhnev ...
Bering Canyon
... The Bering Canyon is the longest of the Bering Sea submarine canyons it extends about 400 km across the Bering shelf and slope ... Navarin Canyons, but because of its great length, the Bering Canyon has the largest area ... At a depth of 3200 m, the Bering Canyon thalweg reaches the Aleutian Basin, where a low-relief submarine channel-lobe system has developed ...
Bering Sea Volcanic Province
... The Bering Sea Volcanic Province, also called the Bering Sea Basalt Province, is a group of volcanic fields in western Alaska, United States ...
Least Cisco
... In North America it is found from the Murchison River (Nunavut) west through the Bering Strait to the Bristol Bay (Bering Sea) in Alaska, and in the Russian Arctic from the northern part of the Bering Sea across ...