Bend Arch–Fort Worth Basin

Bend Arch–Fort Worth Basin

The Bend Arch–Fort Worth Basin Province is a major petroleum producing geological system which is primarily located in north central Texas and southwestern Oklahoma. It is officially designated by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) as Province 045 and classified as the Barnett-Paleozoic Total Petroleum System (TPS).

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Bend Arch–Fort Worth Basin - Fractured Barnett Shale
... Three assessment units have been proposed for the Barnett Shale continuous accumulations, each with different geologic and production characteristics a NE-F gas "sweet spot" where the Barnett is siliceous, thick, within the gas generation window, slightly overpressured, and enclosed by dense, tight overlying Marble Falls Limestone and underlying Viola Limestone and Simpson Group as frac barriers an outlying area where the Barnett is within the gas-generation window but the subcrop is the porous Ellenburger and the overlying Marble Falls Limestone barrier may be absent and an area of lesser potential where overlying and underlying barriers may be absent and production includes oil and gas from fractured Barnett Shale ... The siliceous nature of the Barnett Shale, and its relation to fracture enhancement in NE-F, was noted by Lancaster ...

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