Benadi - Prominent Persons

Prominent Persons

Benadi is a birthplace to many great persons such as, prominent Cooperative & Congress Leader- Gulabrao Patil, Marathi Film Director-Dinkar D patil, Freedom Fighters- Mallapa Chougule, Ganapatrao Babar, 1st Kshatriya Kshatrajagatguru Benadikar Patil, appointed by Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj at Mouni Maharaj Math, Patgaon.. Modern Agriculturist- Shivraj Gulabrao Patil & Industrialist Ajit alias Arjun Patil.

Also, famous women's such as Sarojinidevi Patil who was wife of V. T. Patil, founder of Tararani Vidyapeeth Kolhapur and Vatsalabai Desai wife of Balasaheb Desai,Ex Home minister of Maharashtra had origin from Benadi. Famous Haji Ali Chowk in Mumbai is named as Vatsala Bai Desai Chowk

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