• (noun): A reflex that expels wind noisily from the stomach through the mouth.
    Synonyms: belching, burp, burping, eructation
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List Of William Shakespeare Screen Adaptations - Comedies - Twelfth Night - Performances
... Sebastain Tefft Johnson as Orsino Marin Sais as Maria William Humphrey as Sir Toby Belch James Young as Sir Andrew Aguecheek Twelfth Night (aka Dvenadtsataya noch) (USSR ... director Fiona Shaw Hugh Grant William Rushton as the voice of Sir Toby Belch Twelfth Night (UK, 1996) Trevor Nunn director Imogen Stubbs as Viola ... Orsino Claire Price as Olivia Maureen Beattie as Maria David Troughton as Sir Toby Belch Richard Bremner as Sir Andrew Aguecheek Zubin Varla as Feste ...
Twelfth Night - Adaptations - Television
... The part of Sir Toby Belch was taken by a young George Devine ... Plowright as Viola and Sebastian, Alec Guinness as Malvolio, Ralph Richardson as Sir Toby Belch and Tommy Steele as an unusually prominent Feste ... role of Viola, Sinéad Cusack as Olivia, Alec McCowen as Malvolio and Robert Hardy as Sir Toby Belch ...
Burps - In Other Animals
... Many other mammals, such as cattle, dogs, and sheep also belch ... vaccine to minimize methane in cattle belchs ... One reason that domesticated cows belch so much is because they are often fed foods that their digestive systems do not process, such as corn and soy ...
The Wish List - Plot Summary
... When she is forced to help Belch Brennan, a dim-witted criminal, rob the elderly Lowrie McCall, the attempted burglary ends in disaster ... In an attempt to scare Meg, Belch shoots by a gas tank which explodes, killing them both ... While Belch is sent straight to hell (his soul merged with that of his vicious dog Raptor by the explosion, making him a half-boy half-dog creature,) Meg's perfect balance between good and evil earns her a chance to ...
List Of Rocko's Modern Life Episodes - Episodes - Season 3 (1995-96)
... Code 1 ... "Bye, Bye Birdie / Belch of Destiny" October 22, 027 ... Bye, Bye Birdie Heffer accidentally kills Filbert's pet Birdy ... Belch of Destiny Heffer has a unique talent which embarrasses Hef's father ... Murray described "Belch of Destiny" as one of his favorite episodes because the episode supported his theory to "let kids be kids." In addition Murray recalled the memories of himself, Steve ...

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  • (verb): Become active and spew forth lava and rocks.
    Synonyms: erupt, extravasate