• (noun): A beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture.
    Synonyms: bead, beadwork, astragal
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Beadwork - 3D Beading
3D beading is less common than 2D beading, largely because free 3D beading patterns are not well distributed on the internet ... It is mainly an oriental art form, and most 3D beading resources are written in oriental languages, such as Japanese and Chinese, further impeding wide access to English-speaking countries. 3D beading is also associated with the stigma of being "too complex" for most beaders to manage, although this sentiment is largely due to the apparent complexity of ...
Coaches Of The London, Midland And Scottish Railway - Coaches Built By The LMS - Period II (1929-1932)
... low waist and were wood panelled with full outside beading. 60 ft version in that they were steel clad with simulated external beading in paint ... mentioned earlier, these diners were steel panelled with painted simulated beading ...
Activities During Anti-Bullying Day
... Beading stall Beading is fun and provides a way for young people to wear their anti-bullying message in a cool way ... Beading can help relieve stress, while still spreading anti-bullying messages ...
Transandinomys Talamancae - Description - Skull and Teeth
... narrowest toward the front and shows weak beading at its margins T ... bolivaris is similar, but has stronger beading and H ... megacephalus entirely lacks the beading ...

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  • (noun): Ornamentation with beads.
    Synonyms: beadwork