BBC Big Screen

The BBC Big Screens are 25-square-metre (270 sq ft) LED screens with sound systems situated in prominent locations in city centres around the United Kingdom. The project setting up these screens involves the BBC, LOCOG (London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games), and local councils. The premise on which the screens are operated is as a platform for all, to provide local information, and to allow film-makers and other visual artists a platform on which to display their work.

There are 22 Big Screens in cities across the UK. The screens are run by the BBC in accordance with its editorial guidelines and are individually known as 'Big Screen (city name)' e.g. Big Screen Manchester.

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BBC Big Screen - Locations - Woolwich
... Woolwich, in the London borough of Greenwich, received its Big Screen installation in General Gordon Place in 2009 ... The Big Screen was temporarily switched off during the redesign of General Gordon Place, 2010–2011 ...

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