Battle of Yu Oc

The Battle of Yu Oc (19 November 1884) was a French victory during the Sino-French War. The battle was fought to relieve the French garrison of Tuyen Quang, under siege by the T'ang Ching-sung's Yunnan Army and Liu Yongfu's Black Flag Army. The French commander at Yu Oc, Colonel Jacques Duchesne, would later distinguish himself as the conqueror of Madagascar (1895).

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Battle Of Yu Oc - Order of The Day
... following order of the day to commemorate the victory at Yu Oc Le général commandant le corps expéditionnaire est heureux de porter à la connaissance des troupes les ... Le 19 novembre, à Yu-oc, après quatre heures d’une lutte opiniâtre, l’ennemi était mis en pleine déroute et fuyait dans la direction de l’ouest ... On 19 November, at Yu Oc, after a stubborn action lasting four hours, the enemy was routed and fled towards the west ...

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