Battle of Phủ Hoài

Battle Of Phủ Hoài

The Battle of Phu Hoai (15 August 1883) was an indecisive engagement between the Tonkin Expeditionary Corps and Liu Yongfu's Black Flag Army during the early months of the Tonkin campaign (1883–1886). The battle took place during the period of increasing tension between France and China that eventually culminated in the Sino-French War (August 1884–April 1885).

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Battle Of Phủ Hoài - Significance
... the French severely mauled the Black Flag Army during the battle and suffered relatively low casualties in return, their failure to win a clear victory against Liu Yongfu was ... The indecisive outcome of the battle discouraged many ordinary Tonkinese from supporting the French against the Black Flags, and in the eyes of the world was tantamount to a ...

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