Basin and Range Province

The Basin and Range Province is a vast physiographic region defined by a unique topographic expression. Basin and range topography is characterized by abrupt changes in elevation, alternating between narrow faulted mountain chains and flat arid valleys or basins. The region covers most of the western United States, extends into northwestern Mexico and is mostly desert, with numerous ecoregions. The physiography of the province is the result of tectonic extension that began around 17 Ma (million years ago) in Early Miocene time.

Clarence Dutton famously compared the many narrow parallel mountain ranges that distinguish the unique topography of the Basin and Range to an "army of caterpillars marching toward Mexico", which is a helpful way to visualize the overall appearance of the region. The Basin and Range province should not be confused with The Great Basin, which is a sub-section of the greater Basin and Range physiographic region defined by its unique hydrological characteristics (internal drainage).

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... In addition to small amounts of Nevada petroleum, the Basin and Range province supplies nearly all the copper and most of the gold, silver, and barite mined in the United States ...
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... The Basin and Range Province is a region occupying the southern part of Arizona, along with a strip of land consisting of the western part of the state ... The Basin and Range is characterized by steep, linear mountain ranges alternating with lengthy deserts ... The mountain ranges, which poke through the lengthy desert plains surrounding them, can rise above 9,000 feet (2,700 m), and create biological islands inhabited by cool-climate plants and animals ...

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