Bahnbetriebswerk (steam Locomotives)

Bahnbetriebswerk (steam Locomotives)

A Bahnbetriebswerk (also abbreviated to Betriebswerk, Bw or BW) is the German term for a depot where the maintenance of railway locomotives and other rolling stock is carried out. It is roughly equivalent to a locomotive shed, running shed or motive power depot. These were of great importance during the steam locomotive era to ensure the smooth running of locomotive-hauled services. Bahnbetriebswerke had a large number of facilities in order to be able to carry out their various maintenance tasks. As a result they needed a lot of staff and were often the largest employers in the area.

The history and present-day importance of such depots is covered in the Bahnbetriebswerk article.

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... The staff of a Bahnbetriebswerkcomprised a shedmaster Dienstvorsteher) the supervisory staff Aufsichtsbeamten) the running staff Betriebsbeamten) the ... The person in charge of a Bahnbetriebswerkwas the shedmaster he usually had a mechanical engineering background and was an engineer ... In addition he was in charge of safety in a way,because he had to monitor all safety and working regulations he was also responsible for the cleanliness of the ...