Bad Girls Road Trip - List of Episodes - Caddy Issues

Caddy Issues

First aired June 19, 2007

The Bad Girls head up to Leslie's hometown of Atlanta where they run into conflict as Leslie steals the spotlight. They become extremely angry with Leslie for "acting like a queen" and thinking "the world revolved around her". Zara wants to kick her out of the road trip. After refusing to go with her to Diddy's restaurant, Leslie becomes very upset and an argument breaks out between the girls. Yet another lesbian fan flirts with Leslie at this point. Leaving the town, Leslie calls her friends bikers and wants to have a ride on a bike, while Zara and Aimee decide to go by their car. On an abrupt turn, their brake fries and Aimee, unable to stop the car and at high speed, manages to bring the car to a ditch.

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