Automatic Rifle

An automatic rifle is a type of magazine-fed rifle that utilizes either its recoil or a portion of the gas propelling the projectile to operate its action. And, to remove the spent cartridge case, cock the rifle, load a new cartridge and fire again repeatedly, as long as the trigger is held down or until the magazine is exhausted. Most automatic rifles are select-fire weapons which are capable of firing in both full-automatic and semi-automatic (ie. firing one shot every time the trigger is pulled). This select-fire capability, as well as the use of detachable magazines and rifle ammunition, differentiate it from other classes of automatic firearms such as the machine gun and submachine gun.

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... Weapon Place of Origin Type Comment AG-3 Norway Automatic rifle Norwegian version of the Heckler Koch G3 Battle rifle ... Heckler Koch HK416 Germany Automatic rifle Being introduced as the new standard rifle ... Heckler Koch HK417 Germany Designated Marksman Rifle Being introduced as the Designated Marksman Rifle ...
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... system was first applied in 1901 to a 6mm semi-automatic experimental rifle (the ENT B-5) designed by Rossignol for the French military ... immediate precursor to the MAS 7.5mm semi-automatic rifle series is the MAS-38/39 (Huon,1995) ... the Swedish armed forces adopted a direct impingement semi-automatic rifle the AG-42 Ljungman ...
Thomas C. Neibaur - Medal of Honor Citation
... Neibaur was sent out on patrol with his automatic rifle squad to enfilade enemy machinegun nests ... As he gained the ridge he set up his automatic rifle and was directly thereafter wounded in both legs by fire from a hostile machinegun on his flank ... killed or wounded, this gallant soldier kept his automatic rifle in operation to such effect that by his own efforts and by fire from the skirmish line of his company, at least 100 yards ...

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    At Hayes’ General Store, west of the cemetery, hangs an old army rifle, used by a discouraged Civil War veteran to end his earthly troubles. The grocer took the rifle as payment ‘on account.’
    —Administration for the State of Con, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    She smoothes her hair with automatic hand,
    And puts a record on the gramophone.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)