• (adj): Characteristic of the dawn.
    Example: "A dim auroral glow"
    Synonyms: aurorean
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Auroral Chorus - Experiencing/Detecting
... Auroral chorus can be detected primarily around the magnetic equator, specifically in two distinct frequency bands, one above the equatorial half gyro-frequency and ... a peak distribution near dawn, the auroral chorus is most detectable via ELF/VLF Radio receivers in the middle latitude around 30-60 degrees N ... The most numerous recordings of the auroral chorus has been by the Iowa Plasma Wave Group ...
Edward Walter Maunder - Other Astronomical Observations
... In 1882 Maunder (and some other European astronomers) observed what he called an "auroral beam" as yet unexplained, it had some similarity in appearance to either a noctilucent cloud or an upper ... his observation during highly intense auroral activity, he assumed it was some extraordinary auroral phenomenon, though one he had never observed again before or after ...
Elias Loomis - Great Auroral Exhibition of 1859
... the principal phenomena of electricity were developed during the auroral display of 1859 that light was developed in passing from one conductor to another, that heat in poor conductors, that the peculiar ... From the observations of the motion of auroral beams, he showed that they also moved from north-northeast to south-southwest, there being thus a general correspondence in motion between the electrical currents and the ... The great auroral exhibition of August 28 to September, 1859 ...
Auroral Kilometric Radiation
... Auroral kilometric radiation (AKR) is the intense radio radiation emitted in the acceleration zone (at a height of three times the radius of the Earth) of the polar lights ... and therefore can only be measured by satellites positioned at vast heights, such as the Fast Auroral Snapshot Explorer (FAST) ...
... the tail of the magnetosphere and in the Van Allen radiation belt (auroral particles acceleration region) with a high time-space resolution ... have been launched into high-altitude elliptical orbits auroral probe was launched August 29, 1996 into orbit with an apogee of 000 ... km ... Subsatellites “Magion-4” (auroral) and “Magion-5” (tail) were procured by the Institute of atmospheric Research of the Czech Academy of Sciences ...

More definitions of "auroral":

  • (adj): Of or relating to the atmospheric phenomenon auroras.
    Example: "A prominent green line in the spectrum of the auroras is called the 'auroral line'"