Auditory means of or relating to the process of hearing:

  • Auditory system, the neurological structures and pathways of sound perception.
  • Sound, the physical signal perceived by the auditory system.
  • Hearing (sense), is the auditory sense, the sense by which sound is perceived.
  • Ear, the auditory end organ.
  • Cochlea, the auditory branch of the inner ear.
  • Auditory illusion, sound trick analogous to an optical illusion.
  • Primary auditory cortex, the part of the higher-level of the brain that serves hearing.
  • External auditory meatus, the ear canal
  • Auditory scene analysis, the process by which a scene containing many sounds is perceived
  • Auditory phonetics, the science of the sounds of language
  • Auditory hallucination,a form of hallucination that involves perceiving sounds without auditory stimulus
  • Auditory imagery, hearing in head in the absence of sound

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