Atrocity or Atrocities or Atrocious may refer to:

  • Atrocity (band), a German metal band
  • Atrocities (album), the fourth album by Christian Death
  • Atrocious (film), a 2010 Spanish film

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Anti-cult Movement - Cult-watching Groups and Individuals, and Other Opposition To Cults - Former Members
... Bromley and Joseph Ventimiglia coined the term atrocity tales in 1979, which Bryan R ... Bromley and Shupe defined an "atrocity tale" as the symbolic presentation of action or events (real or imaginary) in such a context that they come flagrantly ... The term "atrocity story" has itself become controversial as it relates to the opposing views amongst scholars about the credibility of the accounts of former cult-members ...
Atrocity Story
... The term atrocity story (also referred to as atrocity tale) as defined by the American sociologists David G ...
Killings At Coolacrease - Atrocity Claims
... Dublin Castle issued a statement claiming that an atrocity had been committed against the Pearsons ... Claims of murder and atrocity were made by William Stanley, "a loyalist fugitive and distant cousin of the Pearsons ...
Advanced European Theater Of Operations - Counters - The Atrocity Counter
... One new game piece caused unusual public controversy when the “Atrocity” counter was misunderstood by some to allow the commission of ‘atrocities’ as a means of achieving victory ... Actually, the Atrocity rule was an AETO addition that penalized the German player whenever he employed “Waffen SS” units (representing the real atrocities committed by SS units ... posted I think, though, some people actually thought that the 'atrocity' chit was a good thing for the Germans to do...and hence the offense ...