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Timeline Of Chemistry - 19th Century
... New System of Chemical Philosophy, which contains first modern scientific description of the atomic theory, and clear description of the law of multiple proportions ... which he proposes modern chemical symbols and notation, and of the concept of relative atomic weight ... Avogadro's ideas regarding diatomic molecules, compiles a table of atomic weights and presents it at the 1860 Karlsruhe Congress, ending decades of conflicting atomic weights and molecular formulas, and leading to ...
Alexandre-Emile Béguyer De Chancourtois - Organizing The Elements
... His proposed classification of elements was based on the newest values of atomic weights obtained by Stanislao Cannizzaro in 1858 ... De Chancourtois ordered the elements by increasing atomic weight and with similar elements lined up vertically ... de Chancourtois plotted the atomic weights on the surface of a cylinder with a circumference of 16 units, the approximate atomic weight of oxygen ...
Karlsruhe Congress - The Meeting
... European chemists could discuss matters of chemical nomenclature, notation, and atomic weights ... The Karlsruhe meeting ended with no firm agreement on the vexing problem of atomic and molecular weights ... day reprints of Stanislao Cannizzaro's 1858 paper on atomic weights, in which he utilized earlier work by Amedeo Avogadro, were distributed ...

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