Atari ST - Peripherals


  • SF354: Single-sided double-density 3½ floppy drive (360 kB) with external power supply
  • SF314: Double-sided double-density 3½ floppy drive (720 kB) with external power supply
  • PS3000: Combined 12" Colour Monitor and 360k 3.5 Floppy Drive (SF354). Speaker. Manufactured by JVC in limited quantity (~1000), only a few working models remain.
  • SM124: Monochrome monitor, 12" screen, 640 × 400 pixels, 70 Hz refresh
  • SM147: Monochrome monitor, 14" screen, no speaker, replacement for SM124
  • SC1224: Color monitor, 12" screen, 640 × 200 pixels plus speaker
  • SC1425: Color monitor, 14" screen, One speaker on the left of screen, a jack to plug ear-listeners
  • SC1435: Color monitor, 14" screen, stereo speakers, replacement for SC1224 (rebadged Magnavox 1CM135)
  • SM195: Monochrome monitor, 19" screen for TT030. 1280 × 960 pixels. 70 Hz refresh
  • SH204: External hard drive, 20 MB MFM drive, "shoe box" case made of metal
  • SH205: External hard drive, Mega ST matching case, 20 MB MFM 3,5" (Tandon TM262) or 5.25" (Segate ST225) drive with ST506 interface (became later the Megafile 20)
  • Megafile 20, 30, 60: External hard drive, Mega ST matching case, ACSI bus; Megafile 30 and 60 had a 5.25" RLL (often a Seagate ST238R 30 MByte or Seagate ST277R 60 MByte drive) with ST506 interface
  • Megafile 44: Removable cartridge drive, ACSI bus, Mega ST matching case
  • SLM804: Laser printer, connected through ACSI DMA port, used ST's memory and processor to build pages for printing
  • SLM605: Laser printer, connected through ACSI DMA port, smaller than SLM805

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