Asymmetric Key Pair

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EAP-AKA - Methods - EAP-IKEv2
... Further information Internet Key Exchange EAP-IKEv2 is an EAP method based on the Internet Key Exchange protocol version 2 (IKEv2) ... It provides mutual authentication and session key establishment between an EAP peer and an EAP server ... authentication techniques that are based on the following types of credentials Asymmetric key pairs - public/private key pairs where the public key is embedded into a digital certificate, and the corresponding ...

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    So people and things don’t pair anymore
    With what they used to pair with before.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    There are two kinds of timidity—timidity of mind, and timidity of the nerves; physical timidity, and moral timidity. Each is independent of the other. The body may be frightened and quake while the mind remains calm and bold, and vice versë. This is the key to many eccentricities of conduct. When both kinds meet in the same man he will be good for nothing all his life.
    Honoré De Balzac (1799–1850)