Ashina Nishoufu

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Emperor Gaozong Of Tang - Reign - Tiaolu, Yonglong, Kaiyao, Yongchun, and Hongdao Eras (679–683)
... Meanwhile, the Western Tujue chieftain Ashina Duzhi had claimed the title of Shixing Khan and was allied with another chieftain, Li Zhefu (李遮匐), and they pillaged Anxi (i.e ... Emperor Gaozong was ready to commission an army against Ashina Duzhi and Li Zhefu, but the official Pei Jingxian (裴行儉), who had previously served as secretary general at Xi ... Tang in the area, and once they arrived, launched a surprise attack on Ashina Duzhi, who, caught by surprise, was forced to surrender Li Zhefu then surrendered as well ...