Art Theft - Notable Unrecovered Works

Notable Unrecovered Works

Images of some artworks that have been stolen and have not yet been recovered.

  • Jan van Eyck: The Just Judges

  • Johannes Vermeer: The Concert (c.1658–1660)

  • Rembrandt: The Storm on the Sea of Galilee (1633)

  • Govaert Flinck, until recently attributed to Rembrandt: Landscape with an Obelisk (1638)

  • Jean-Baptiste Oudry: The White Duck (1753)

  • Pablo Picasso:
    Le pigeon aux petits pois (1911)

  • Amadeo Modigliani:
    La Femme à l'éventail (1919)

  • Vincent van Gogh: Congregation Leaving the Reformed Church in Nuenen (1884)

  • Vincent van Gogh: View of the Sea at Scheveningen (1882)

  • Caspar David Friedrich: Landschaft mit Regenbogen, (Landscape with rainbow) (ca 1810)

  • Franz Marc: The Tower of Blue Horses 1913 (missing since 1945)

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