Ares I-X

Ares I-X was the first stage prototype and design concept demonstrator in the Ares I program, a launch system for human spaceflight developed by the United States space agency, NASA. Ares I-X was successfully launched on October 28, 2009. The project cost was $445 million.

The Ares I-X vehicle used in the test flight was similar in shape, mass, and size to the planned configuration of later Ares I vehicles, but had largely dissimilar internal hardware consisting of only one powered stage. Ares I vehicles were intended to launch Orion crew exploration vehicles. Along with the Ares V launch system and the Altair lunar lander, Ares I and Orion were part of NASA's Constellation Program, which was developing the spacecraft for U.S. human spaceflight after the Space Shuttle fleet was retired.

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... was not a precise match to the characteristics of a real Ares I upper stage, and was not intended to test the upper stage's independent performance ... altitude than the real upper stage will on the final Ares I, contributed to the spin ...

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