Arctic Cordillera

The Arctic Cordillera is a vast, deeply dissected chain of mountain ranges extending along the northeastern flank of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago from Ellesmere Island to the northeasternmost part of the Labrador Peninsula in northern Labrador and northern Quebec, Canada. It spans most of the eastern coast of Nunavut with high glaciated peaks rising through icefields and some of Canada's largest ice caps, including the Penny Ice Cap on Baffin Island. It is bounded to the east by Baffin Bay, Davis Strait and the Labrador Sea while its northern portion is bounded by the Arctic Ocean.

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Arctic Cordillera - Climate
... The Arctic Cordillera has one of Canada's most inhospitable climates ... somewhat milder and more humid in the southernmost portions of the cordillera ... on Axel Heiberg Island dating back 40 million years, indicating this northerly part of the cordillera was warmer and wetter than its present-day climate ...
Bruce Mountains
... It is a subrange of the Baffin Mountains which in turn form part of the Arctic Cordillera mountain range ... Arctic Cordillera of Canada Ranges Adam Baffin Blackwelder Blue Boulder British Empire Bruce Byan Martin Challenger Conger Cunningham Douro Everett Garfield Geodetic Grinnell Grogan ...

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