Anaerobic Organism - Metabolism


Obligate anaerobes may use fermentation or anaerobic respiration.
Aerotolerant organisms are strictly fermentative.
In the presence of oxygen, facultative anaerobes use aerobic respiration; without oxygen, some of them ferment; some use anaerobic respiration.

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S9 Fraction
... fraction is most frequently used in assays that measure the metabolism of drugs and other xenobiotics ... component of the S9 fraction contain cytochrome P450 isoforms (phase I metabolism) and other enzyme activities ... portion contains the major part of the activities of transferases (phase II metabolism) ...
L-amino-acid Oxidase
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... and history of molecular biology The term metabolism is derived from the Greek Μεταβολισμός – "Metabolismos" for "change", or "overthrow" ... The history of the scientific study of metabolism spans several centuries and has moved from examining whole animals in early studies, to examining individual metabolic reactions in modern biochemistry ... The first controlled experiments in human metabolism were published by Santorio Santorio in 1614 in his book Ars de statica medicina ...

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