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Amiga software covers a wide range of software for the Amiga computer, both productivity and games, commercial, freeware and hobbyist. The Amiga software market was particularly active in the late 1980s and early 1990s but has since the period 1996/1999 dwindled into almost only a hobbyist scene.

During its lifetime, the number of applications made available for the Amiga was in excess of 2,000, with over 10,000 utilities (these utilities are almost all collected into Aminet major repository). However, it was perceived as a games machine from outside its community of experienced and professional users. In fact, there were also more than 12,000 games available for Amiga. Programs are being developed for the three existing Amiga-like operating systems still nowadays, but generally new programs are portings from open source and mainly from Linux vast software-base.

Many Amiga software solutions or noteworthy programs, during the timeline were ported to other platforms or perhaps inspired new programs still used today, such as those aimed at 3D rendering or audio creations, e.g. LightWave 3D and Blender (whose development started for the Amiga platform only). The first multimedia word processors for Amiga, such as TextCraft, Scribble!, Rashumon, and Wordworth, were the first on the market to allow implement full-colour WYSIWYG (with other platforms still only implementing black-and-white previews) and even allowing the embedding of audio files.

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