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Top Gear (U.S. TV Series) - History - Top Gear On NBC
... In April 2007, the BBC was still looking to export an American produced version of Top Gear to the United States ... January 2008, that it had ordered a pilot for an American version of the show, retitled Gear ... NBC reality chief Craig Plestis, many automakers had shown interest in America's version of Top Gear ...
Lee Wong - Teams - Season Two - Saint Shields
... Ozuma (voiced by Alex House in the American version) He was the first to appear, and is the leader of the Saint Shields ... Joseph (voiced by Jason Barr in the American version) A 14 year old kid, Joseph is Mariam's younger brother and is very sneaky ... Mariam (voiced by Shannon Perreault in the American version) Mariam is as skillful and dangerous as her teammates ...
List Of Top Gear Broadcasters And Video Releases - Broadcasters - North America
... The American format was different from the British format, with the news and talk show segments removed entirely ... Furthermore, the American versions mixed segments from different episodes from the British version ... were specially recorded for the North American viewers, even though the same set and hosts were used as the British version ...
Let The Right One In (film) - American Version
... to write and direct an English-language version for Overture Films and Hammer Films ... referred to the project as a remake of the film and later not as a remake, but just as "Reeves' version" ...

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