Alpha Hydrogen

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Keto-enol Tautomerism - Mechanism
... solution.For this it is necessary that the alpha carbon(carbon closest to functional group) contains at least one hydrogen atom known as alpha hydrogen.This atom is removed ... The existence of hydrogen atom at alpha carbon is necessary but not sufficient condition for enolization to occur ... In order to be acidic, the alpha hydrogen should be positioned such that may line up parallel with antibonding pi-orbital of the carbonyl group ...
Francis Crick - Research - 1951–1953: DNA Structure
... result matched well with X-ray data for proteins that contain sequences of amino acids in the Alpha helix conformation ... Pauling's recent success in discovering the Alpha helix, they feared that Pauling might also be the first to determine the structure of DNA ... The base pairs are held together by hydrogen bonds, the same non-covalent interaction that stabilize the protein α-helix ...
Enolase - Mechanism
... on the deprotonated oxygen while increasing the acidity of the alpha hydrogen ... Enolase’s Lys345 deprotonates the alpha hydrogen, and the resulting negative charge is stabilized by resonance to the carboxylate oxygen and by the magnesium ion cofactors ... magnesium ions, the pKa of the substrate’s alpha hydrogen is also lowered due to protonation of the phosphoryl group by His159 and its proximity to Arg374 ...

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