Alpha Coronae Borealis

Alpha Coronae Borealis (α CrB, α Coronae Borealis) is a binary star in the constellation Corona Borealis. It is located about 75 light years from the Solar System.

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... Beta Coronae Australis (Beta CrA, β Coronae Australis, β CrA) is a K-type bright giant star in the constellation of Corona Australis ...
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... See also List of coronae on Venus On Venus, coronae are large (typically several hundred kilometres across), crown-like, volcanic features ... Coronae were first identified in 1983, when the radar imaging equipment aboard the Venera 15 and Venera 16 spacecraft produced higher-resolution images of some features previously ... It is believed that coronae are formed when plumes of rising hot material in the mantle push the crust upwards into a dome shape, which then collapses in ...
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... It has the traditional names Alphecca (Alphekka), Gemma, Gnosia (Gnosia Stella Coronae), and Asteroth (Ashtaroth) ... As the brightest star in Corona Borealis, it lent its name to the brightest in Corona Australis, Alphekka Meridiana ... In Chinese, 貫索 (Guàn Suǒ), meaning Coiled Thong, refers to an asterism consisting of α Coronae Borealis, π Coronae Borealis, θ Coronae Borealis, β Coronae ...
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