Alligator Rivers

The Alligator Rivers is the name of a region in the Arnhem Land region of the Northern Territory of Australia, containing three rivers the East, West and South Alligator River. It is regarded as one of the richest biological regions in Australia with part of the region in the Kakadu National Park, and is an Important Bird Area (IBA) lying to the east of the Adelaide and Mary River Floodplains IBA. It also contains mineral deposits especially uranium with the Ranger Uranium Mine located there. The area is also rich in Australian Aboriginal art with 1500 sites. The Kakadu National Park is one of the few World Heritage sites on the list because of both its natural and human heritage values. They were explored by Lieutenant Phillip Parker King in 1820 who named them in the mistaken belief that the crocodiles in the estuaries were alligators.

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Uranium Ore - Deposit Types (IAEA Classification) - Unconformity-related Deposits - Australia: Alligator Rivers Deposits (McArthur Basin)
... The deposits of the McArthur River basin in the Alligator Rivers region of the Northern Territory of Australia (including Jabiluka, Ranger, and Nabarlek) are below the ... high grade deposits occur in the sandstones above the unconformity in the Alligator Rivers/Arnhem Land area ...
Alligator Rivers - European History - Settlement
... The Kapalga Native Industrial Mission was established in 1899 near the South Alligator River but only lasted four years ... was the discovery of uranium at the headlands of the South Alligator River in 1953 that started the mining industries ...

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