• (adj): Declared but not proved.
    Example: "Alleged abuses of housing benefits"- Wall Street Journal
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SS Dzhurma - Alleged 1933–34 Incident
... The story alleged that all prisoners died from frost and starvation with later versions indicating that surviving crew members may have resorted to cannibalism to survive ... Thus the alleged event has been proven not to be true ...
... Shahab-6 is the designation of an alleged and possibly fictional Iranian long-range ballistic missile project alleged to exist by Israeli sources, and supposed to be an extension of ... and no proof that they exist, since being first alleged by intelligence sources in the 1990s ...
Samira Jassim
... or Samira Jassam (born 1958), also known as Um al-Mumenin, "the mother of the believers", is alleged to have worked with Sunni militants from the Ansar al-Sunnah ... She is alleged to have admitted, in an apparent video confession, that she identified and recruited potential suicide bombers and helped them carry out missions ... to recruit women suicide bombers—"shamed" rape victims are alleged to have been persuaded to "redeem themselves through suicide attacks" ...
1981 Bahraini Coup D'état Attempt
... manifestations of this strategy was the alleged failed coup d’etat by militants in Bahrain in 1981 ... The Bahraini government alleged they were operating under the auspices of the alleged Islamic Front for the Liberation of Bahrain, an alleged Islamist organisation with alleged ties to Iran ...

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Famous quotes containing the word alleged:

    About the alleged condition of the property. Does it have to be intact?
    Margaret Forster, British screenwriter, Peter Nichols, and Silvio Narizzano. Georgy (Lynn Redgrave)

    Most observers of the French Revolution, especially the clever and noble ones, have explained it as a life-threatening and contagious illness. They have remained standing with the symptoms and have interpreted these in manifold and contrary ways. Some have regarded it as a merely local ill. The most ingenious opponents have pressed for castration. They well noticed that this alleged illness is nothing other than the crisis of beginning puberty.
    Novalis [Friedrich Von Hardenberg] (1772–1801)

    The entire construct of the “medical model” of “mental illness”Mwhat is it but an analogy? Between physical medicine and psychiatry: the mind is said to be subject to disease in the same manner as the body. But whereas in physical medicine there are verifiable physiological proofs—in damaged or affected tissue, bacteria, inflammation, cellular irregularity—in mental illness alleged socially unacceptable behavior is taken as a symptom, even as proof, of pathology.
    Kate Millett (b. 1934)