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Popularity of The Novels

The best book is believed to be Double Cross with I, Alex Cross ranking 2nd place. The worst book is considered to be Kill Alex Cross or Cross Country among many fans and critics. However, many just plain gave Kill Alex Cross negative reviews (some positive, but more negative) therefore it may be the worst. Double Cross is "the best" among many fans' top 5 lists. The top 10 include:

  • Double Cross - for its return of Kyle Craig; the brilliantess of the novel, DCAK being a "fantastic" storyline; and Alex's new love interest, Bree Stone
  • I, Alex Cross - for several purposes: Alex's niece dies, sending him into vowing to solve the case; Nana's heart attack (which was thought by fans to be sad); and Alex purposes to Bree; while Kyle calls Alex demanding his vengeance
  • Alex Cross, Run - Ava's death; Ron Guidice's quest for vengeance against Alex; Alex's suspension in the police department
  • Cross Fire - Kyle Craig's return and final battle against Cross; and with Alex and Bree getting married (which is believed to be a "long overdue" happy-ending for Alex)
  • Pop Goes the Weasel - Cross must face off against a murder with diplomatic unity; Christine gets kidnapped
  • Roses Are Red - a series of murders begin (Cross is oblivious to the fact that Craig is the bank robber murderer)
  • Violets Are Blue - Kyle Craig is revealed to be a murder
  • Cat and Mouse - Gary Soneji comes back to kill Cross; while Alex resumes his relationship with Christine
  • Along Came a Spider - being the first book in the Alex Cross series, introducing the character
  • Mary, Mary - the famous are being stalked, hunted, and murdered; while Alex must win custody of his son; Alex begins a relationship with Kayla Coles

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