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Governance Structure

Like all Early College High Schools, ASTI's interdependent governance structure is complex in as much as it requires significant boundary spanning between Alameda Unified School District and the College of Alameda. AUSD and ASTI staff cooperate jointly to help direct the program, working closely with a College Liaison who serves as a Dean at the community college. ASTI administrators and faculty have worked closely with College of Alameda stakeholders to develop an ASTI Advisory Committee that meets quarterly to review school progress and address concerns. This Advisory Committee includes the President of the College of Alameda as well as the Vice President of Student Services. In this manner, these stakeholders work together to facilitate successful college enrollment of ASTI upperclassmen once they complete rigorous preliminary college preparatory coursework. Moreover, this collaboration has resulted this year in English faculty from both institutions working closely together to align therir curricula and create a summer bridge program for students about to enter their first year of full-time college enrollment with ASTI support.

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