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Akimoto Lake, along with Lake Hibara, Lake Onogawa, Goshiki Marsh and others are designated as part of Bandai-Asahi National Park, a major tourist destination in the Aizu region. Particularly noteworthy are the changing colors of the fall leaves, which reflect vividly on the water surface. Caution is necessary as visitors flock to the area in the fall and cause traffic jams along Route 459, which leads to the Inner Bandai tri-lake area. The sun rising over Akimoto Lake is a favorite subject of photographers, and many come in the morning to get shots of the scenery in the morning light.

Boating is permitted on Akimoto Lake. Boats can be rented on a time limit. Fishing is permitted, but numbers of the smallmouth bass--an invasive fish—have been increasing in recent years, drawing bass fishing lovers as well as the ire of the local fishing co-op, which sees the species as posing a threat to local aquatic insects and indigenous fish. There is a bicycling road on the shore of Akimoto Lake, and it is possible to venture out to the Nakatsu ravine on the upper reaches of the Nakatsu River. The lake also has a camping ground, and is popular as a general outdoor spot.

Akimoto Lake is accessible by taking the Ban-etsu Expressway or the Inawashiro-Bandai Highland Interchange to Route 115, and then transferring to Route 459, turning right at Goshiki Marsh Entrance and heading straight. Coming from Mount Adatara, take Route 115 and make a right at the Takamori intersection, going straight on Fukushima Prefectural Road 70—the Fukushima-Azuma-Inner Bandai line—and then transfer to the Bandai-Azuma Lake Line. Coming from this direction, you can view the upper reaches of Akimoto Lake. To access the lake via public transportation, take JR East's Ban-etsu West Line to Inawashiro Station or Kitakata Station and board the Bandai Toto Bus headed for Inner Bandai, get off at Akimoto Lake Entrance, and then proceed on foot.

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