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Ilyushin Il-14 - Operators - Military Operators
... Afghanistan Afghan Air Force. 26 were supplied to the Afghan Air Force from 1955 onwards ... By 1979, the force was reduced to 10, equipping a single squadron ...
75th Ranger Regiment (United States) - Vietnam War
1966, 196th Light Infantry Brigade in January 1967, and 1st Air Cavalry Division in November 1966 ... formation of two long-range patrol companies for I and II Field Forces ... on 25 September 1967 and assigned to I Field Force and stationed at Phan Rang ...
Curtiss BF2C Goshawk - Operators
... Argentina Argentine Air Force operated 10 Model 68A Hawk III and 1 Model 79 Hawk IV ... China Republic of China Air Force operated 102 Model 68C Hawk III Thailand Royal Thai Air Force operated 24 Model 68B Hawk III Turkey Turkish Air Force operated 1 ...
Curtiss T-32 Condor II - Operators - Military Operators
... Argentina Argentine Naval Aviation operated three aircraft of the CT-32 variant, one as a crew trainer and two as freighters ... China Chinese Nationalist Air Force operated BT-32 variant ... Colombia Colombian Air Force operated three BT-32 variants on floats ...
P-51 Mustang - Operational History - Non-U.S. Service
... War II, the P-51 Mustang served in the air arms of more than 55 nations. 3 Squadron RAAF became the first Royal Australian Air Force unit to use Mustangs ... was based in Italy with the RAF's First Tactical Air Force ...

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