Agnus Dei

  • (noun): A liturgical prayer beginning with these Latin words.
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Requiem (Mozart) - History - Constanze Mozart and The Requiem After Mozart's Death
... which a Requiem would normally comprise Sanctus, Benedictus, and Agnus Dei ... The Agnus Dei is suspected by some scholars to have been based on instruction or sketches from Mozart because of its similarity to a section from the Gloria of a previous ... Others have pointed out that in the beginning of the Agnus Dei the choral bass quotes the main theme from the Introitus ...
Knights Templar Seal - Templars Seal Themes - Agnus Dei
... In heraldry, a Lamb of God (or paschal lamb, or agnus Dei) is a lamb passant proper, with a halo or charged with a cross gules, and the dexter forelimb reflexed over a cross staff from which a pennon of St ... of Hastings, 1160–85, and William de la More, 1304, showed the agnus Dei ... The motto accompanying the seal reads TESTIS SUM AGNI, (not Agnus as is correct), being the lamb of God ...
List Of Songs With Latin Lyrics - Popular Music - Various
... Mater Gloria, Veni Creator Spiritus, Lacrimosa, Floreat, In Taberna Mori, Ave Fortuna, Agnus Dei, Pater Patriae, Navigator, Africa, Roma, Britannia, Coloris ...
Missa L'homme Armé Super Voces Musicales - Music
... mass, it is in five sections Kyrie Gloria Credo Sanctus and Benedictus Agnus Dei (in three sections I, II, III) Showing off his contrapuntal virtuosity ... The second of the three of Agnus Dei sections is another well-known mensuration canon (see example) this particular canon was famous in the sixteenth century, and often mentioned in theoretical treatises ... The last of the three repetitions of the Agnus Dei, the section that closes the mass, is the longest, and is accompanied by a direction in the score "C ...
Mass Of The Children
... five movements Kyrie Gloria Sanctus and Benedictus Agnus Dei Finale (Dona nobis pacem) The Finale uses additional text from the Agnus Dei which was not used in the preceding movement ... from Songs of Innocence and of Experience) is interwoven with the Agnus Dei ...

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  • (noun): Figure of a lamb; emblematic of Christ.
    Synonyms: Paschal Lamb